• From Wordpress to Jekyll

    After sitting idle for almost 10 years, I am working to revive this blog.

  • JpegDeux updated for OSX 10.8

    JPEGDeux logo
    It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to show a simple photo slideshow on OSX. Back in the day I feel like i had to do this more often. I remembered that I used to either use Graphic Converter or a simpler program called JPEGDeux.

  • Parsing Appleworks and Clarisworks file formats

    After years of off and on tinkering and documenting I finally wrote a basic parser for Appleworks and Clarisworks word processor files. I 'believe' this is the first free and open parser for this file format, even if it is ten years too late.
  • Normalizing faces with OpenCV

    One of the things that comes up when doing facial recognition is that you have to build a profile for each face being recognized. I have been playing with is attempting to correct for face rotation by detecting the eyes and then rotating and zooming the face so the eyes always appear at as close to the same place in the training image as possible.
  • Haar cascade logo detection

    This is a proof of concept I did for a client earlier in the year for detecting a logo in a live video feed. We trained a haar cascade with about 100 shots of a coke can and it was able to pretty accurately track the logo in the vertical position. With more compute power and more training images we could get it to track even tighter and in more lighting conditions.

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