• Command line file organization on OSX and Linux

    Some quick CLI commands I use all the time but forget the exact syntax for.

  • Well here’s an email that sucks to get

    You are receiving this email because you have a login, ‘terrencecurran’, on the Apache JIRA installation, https://issues.apache.org/jira/

    On April 6 the issues.apache.org server was hacked. The attackers were able to install a trojan JIRA login screen and later get full root access:


    We are assuming that the attackers have a copy of the JIRA database, which includes a hash (SHA-512 unsalted) of the password
    you set when signing up as ‘terrencecurran’ to JIRA. If the password you set was not of great quality (eg. based on a dictionary word), it
    should be assumed that the attackers can guess your password from the password hash via brute force.

    The upshot is that someone malicious may know both your email address and a password of yours.

    This is a problem because many people reuse passwords across online services. If you reuse passwords across systems, we urge you to change
    your passwords on ALL SYSTEMS that might be using the compromised JIRA password. Prime examples might be gmail or hotmail accounts, online
    banking sites, or sites known to be related to your email’s domain, approachingpi.com.

    Naturally we would also like you to reset your JIRA password. That can be done at:


    We (the Apache JIRA administrators) sincerely apologize for this security breach. If you have any questions, please let us know by email.
    We are also available on the #asfinfra IRC channel on irc.freenode.net.


    The Apache Infrastructure Team

  • The best Chrome feature: violation of Apple Human Interface

    Google Chrome is awesome. There don’t seem to be many people out there that will argue otherwise.

  • Java keystore cert import on OSX Leopard

    This morning I needed to connect IDE (IntelliJ Idea) to a FishEye/Jira server that had a self signed security certificate. Since IntelliJ (or at least the Atlassian plugin) uses Java to connect to https, it fails because of the JVM’s strict security checking.

  • IE Javascript not working

    I had some javascript that I couldn’t get to run in IE. It was driving me nuts. I spent a few hours slowly reading every line to make sure there were no stray commas or anything else IE doesn’t like.