• 0x80070005 error when trying to create Scheduled Task in Windows 2003

    When I was trying to set up a scheduled take in windows 2003, I kept getting this error: 80070005 access is denied

  • Stereoscopic camera

    Last month Gillian asked me to help her with an event that she had promised to shoot in 3D. I think I’ve gotten Gillian to adapt some of my “how hard could it be” attitude over the years.

  • AS3 port of JZLib

    One tricky thing about FZip is that when running in Flash Player it requires your zip files to have an adler32 checksum for each file in order to work. This is normally fixed with a work around python script provided with FZip. The python script is easy and all, but why not figure out how to do it in pure AS3 with more standard zip files?
  • Fonts on the web – Part 1

    I’ve been reading and hearing a lot of rumbling lately from designers lately desperately looking for a better way to add fonts to their web design.

  • Moving from Tomcat 6 to Jboss AS5 – notes

    I’m moving a bunch of single WAR sites from Tomcat 6 to Jboss AS5. Here are the configuration steps that need to be taken.