I just spent the night updating all of my DNS servers because of the flaw that was released today. I had thought I could put it off for a few more days and have time to prepare, but that can never be the case.

One of my annoyances with patching Linux, and Bind in particular is that every time I do an upgrade it seems to break something, today is no exception. I patched three fedora core 9 systems, and some version of Cent OS without any problems.

Updating a FC6 system is where the fun came in — I immediately started getting this error on startup:


It took a few hours of googling to find a solution, but it turns out that somewhere between the previous version and this new one (31:9.3.4-8.P1.fc6) it defaults to a chroot configuration..

The fix was to simply copy all of my zone files from:

to the folder: