• My First Domain name

    The very first domain name I ever bought was tacoland.com. I accidentally let it expire and it was registered within days by a link farm company and then later sold to BuyDomains. man I hated them so much. Five years later I did some work for BuyDomains. I probably could have gotten it back cheaply, but I realized it was a stupid site anyway.

  • Simple Image Cropping with Flex

    Here is a simple, pure as3, image cropper I wrote for Flex. I’ll try do a post later in the week describing how to use it in Flash cs3 and cs4.

  • Monty Widenius is trying to regain control of MySQL and why this is bad for OSS

    One of the most widely discussed topics to go around the tech industry last year was the Oracle acquisition of Sun and what this meant for the MySQL database. This topic held up the merger with the US DOJ and currently has it stalled in the EU commission.

  • [snippit] – generating a faux waveform in AS3

    Working on a Flash project. I had to use the microphone to record some audio and generate a simple waveform so the user has some feedback that they are being heard. While not a true waveform, you can use the microphone activity level to generate something that works pretty well.
  • MBTA Bus Tracker Widget for OSX

    | mbta bus tracker icon | This is a widget for showing you real-time data about bus arrival times for a chosen stop. Using Next-bus satellite data you can have a very accurate prediction of when your bus is coming. Currently, the following 5 bus routes are supported - 39 - 111 - 114 - 116 - 117 | |—|—|